I’m being an inactive loser again, so here’s an update.

  • I’ve been practicing sound design and composition in hopes that by the next time I release a song it’ll be a clear improvement.
  • I’ve been editing my favorite songs for funsies, but I kinda just intend to show those to my one or two friends because I am a social champion. I feel like I learn a lot, though!
  • I’m currently finishing up a song about my favorite Pokémon. It might be decent enough to release, maybe??
  • merp

Thank you for your patience. c:

The majority of my followers: “Who the meow is this guy? Unfollow’d.”



This article is pretty neat


This thing I made about six months ago contains the Whistle audio found in the article. I often use my imagination to help myself sleep, and I like to try composing what goes on in my mind, even if I’m usually unsuccessful. That night, I was imagining myself alone in a submarine, deep in the ocean, as I heard the Whistle coming from all around me. The title is 8°N 110°W; these are the co-ordinates in which the Whistle was recorded~

Birthiversary Party

That Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie episode was crazy, haha.

I wanted to make a fun and unusual electronic track to match the goofiness of the two characters. I didn’t follow the “rules of music” too closely in this one — I kinda just went by ear.

Art Credit: http://joyfulinsanity.deviantart.com/art/Plan-Your-Own-Party-Then-431169039

Avatar: The Last Airbender

I’ve been rewatching The Last Airbender for the first time in a long while, and that was such a good decision!

One of my favorite aspects of any fictional world, whether it be a cartoon, video game, movie, etc., is learning about the locations.

I particularly like how the air temples were portrayed in this show. ^^


I’m gonna try to start posting things! Y’know, the way I’m supposed to use a Tumblr account, haha.

Usually, I tend to keep my thoughts to myself. Now, I’ll make an attempt to keep track of my thoughts and post them here.

We’ll see how that works out. and how many followers i’ll lose

Nights in Autumn

I’ve been practicing how to use chords more effectively and in new ways, and while doing so, I made this house song. ^^

Diode City

The level “Hurricos” has always been one of my favorites from the original Spyro games. Something about the unique creatures, the perpetual thunderstorm, and the mechanical nature of the place always sticks in my mind. So, I was inspired to make a drum and bass track in its honor. ^^

Working with 110 bpm is so much fun. ^^
I made this thing real quick yesterday. This past week I went to go see the new Anchorman movie, and it made me want to make something related to the ever-enigmatic Brick Tamland.
Please don’t take it too seriously, haha.


I marathon’d episode 3-7 of Friendship is Magic last night, and I’m super glad I did. I’ve been reminded why I ever enjoyed the show in the first place.

Let’s Play A Game! (by Bentendowhis)

Gee, I sure love the new YouTube! Let’s Plays are so much more fun now that any form of possible copyright is out of the picture.